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Cleangame, h.2012

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RĂ©ponse de UaUka1 sur le sujet Cleangame, h.2012

Vie you misunderstood me

I didn't mention anything political
all I meant the elite of the Galops expiration dates are 3 to 4 yrs - it's they with their short careers they draw the spectators - dit? - and this Elite that steals the show worldwide

wasn't it you who said by modifying the TF, with USA blood horses don't run up to 10yrs - means SB
- but look the TF have to modify, and honestly, the world has changed

years back Nokia murdered the French Bip Bop ( likewise Apple vs the Minitel), after Blackberry, then came other and the American Giant Apple vs Samsung, and now comes the dragon Huawei just for an example

and one thing you can't stop be it in horse racing or be it economy - is the Anglo-Saxon beating the Latin world
- French don't send out chef de race

- I said I liked the way PAllaire works before he starts injecting horses with all sorts of medicaments that the French calls soigner - he seems to keep out of that shit ( neither I never accused you about him - you misunderstood)

see you later
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RĂ©ponse de UaUka1 sur le sujet Cleangame, h.2012

isa_ Ă©crit:

UaUka1 écrit: Bah a vouloir modifier la race en s'approchant de plus en plus des SB qui sont tous sous médication tant on leur en demande à un et deux ans alors que leur physiologie ne le permet pas... Résultat, presque plus personne à partir de 4 ans n'est en piste alors que leur race a évolué pour tendre vers cette précocité !

oh please, what SB - eh? you call the TF now SB?

Je dirais standardbred

A ça rajoutons la mode de faire faire la monte en mĂȘme temps que le cheval est toujours en carriĂšre de courses...

Slu ma belle Isa
Girl what can I do? - even me I am bulimic for money, but i have morals and would I get anorexic, in your example, that's what happened with GU D'H
today if he has to honor, the females - really someone have do some massage buccale, I guess he cannot monte le mannequin dit?
then maybe they can make paillettes from that massage buccale - you imagine the tra la la - mdrrrrrrrrrr krkrkrkkrkrkrkkrk

but who is to blame?
NOONE - to be rather honest
the system is like, and journalism makes this shit also
the race for top-producing sire starts
fertile stallions
then the stats of the taux de qualify
then the taux of earning par produit
then when all that happens
the French will vise the Nordics - the price the owner of an etalon - just for some semi-fresh or frozen siemens via DHL is over exorbitant
oh poor horse owners - plumer plumer
it's a world for the rich to have horses to loose money

bisous ma belle
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RĂ©ponse de vieborg sur le sujet Cleangame, h.2012

Ua, pourquoi stoppe t'il en majorité à trois ans dans le galop ? Tout simplement pour faire des étalons et vendre trÚs cher la semence...

Mais regarde la popularitĂ© d'une Enable ou d'une TrĂȘve qui sont restĂ©s en piste Ă  l'Ăąge ou un Cyrius des Aigle encore... Regarde les vieux tontons de l'obstacle souvent hongres, ils sont suivis, populaire et aimĂ©s par les parieurs...

Oui aujourd'hui les TF ne courent plus jusqu'Ă  dix ans au haut niveau et mĂȘme Ă  un niveau plus bas. L'apport de sans SB y est pour quelque chose mais pas seulement je te rassure... La duretĂ© de l'entraĂźnement sur de si jeunes chevaux, vouloir les faire courir Ă  deux ans, les temps en course etc.

Je t'assure que P. Allaire et les amĂ©ricains usent des ostĂ©opathes, de mĂ©sothĂ©rapie, d'impulsions Ă©lectrique dans les membres et d'infiltrations... C'est autorisĂ© donc je n'ai pas de souci avec cela vis Ă  vis de la rĂšgle... C'est juste ma vision idĂ©aliste du truc qui se voit ĂȘtre gĂȘnĂ©e !

Les SB et les TF sont trĂšs, trop diffĂ©rents pour que l'on exporte nos Ă©talons lĂ -bas, sans parler des conditions d'Ă©levage pour pouvoir participer au circuit classique US... Love You a Ă©tĂ© un peu utilisĂ© tout de mĂȘme, RC aussi !

Regarde le succĂšs qu'obtient Orlando en SuĂšde...

Enfin mĂȘme si nous n'exportons pas trop nos Ă©talons, nous avons eu quelques exceptionnels reproducteurs chez nous !

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RĂ©ponse de UaUka1 sur le sujet Cleangame, h.2012


you know what? when I started I was just like you
I loved the FR bloodlines so much - and my friend Moncourt can tell you - I was all into Belle Poule XXlines - Loudeac - Fan/Ker/Cari - bla bla bla blaaaaaa

And I and Moovies would get into these heavy debates - clash of ideas, also competitive, he snobs me I snob him back, he punches me I punch him back
in resume we can pass our differences and salute each other and happy that each other wins
-My RSong and VPoint - period oh boy - some from this site would spy on me, and inbox me and told Desperate Housewives - " te est malade et folle"

RC is here and it should comfort me as a breeder because I have this same sort of lines and affinities without Florestan, but with Fakir in R.Song ( as some call me " effect mirror ") krkrkrkkrkrkr

Ready to me - he was a warrior more than CJ and Love You
but not like the emotions I had with Jag ( Optimus Prime - Transformers)

- somewhere along with my passion - I got tired
not of the FBlood , but wanting of making more speed
I want to experiment more than turning around, with the same bloodlines
shit I had emotions seeing POWER running this year - I love him - I smiled every time I looked at him

There are two races I would love to win
Prix de President de la Republique
Hambletonian - female or male for the money
- I can't stab any of these cultures of my metissage ( inbreeding) that made me - and my life

Today I am in a romantic mood - BTW you are UaUka & Moovies Bis ( here) - and is years am following you
there are golden rules for all breeders worldwide
- the Female - she must run
- in France, we old breeders know when a female-runs, and wins in Vincennes , she is well noted
-When a female never runs - and you get attached to her - and in the 3 products none runs - get rid of her - or you must be Barjon or Seche - to keep her
-After 14yrs sometimes is best to get rid of the female, she not that productive - same as divorcing me krkrkrkrkrkrkrkrkr ( bah oui eh)

- one of your debates about having 14 Carioca - continue that way with Kairos and some Oga
mix with some Ker , then bring in some Flor, and some more Star's Pride from the JPD lines
The French Stud seems not ready for inbreeding Speedy Crown yet ( that's Souloy sport)

so can we open the stud-book?
it's hard - the Mayenne & L'orne & le Manche - wouldn't pay - these dudes block and decides our destiny and would not they allow me or you here to do like JPD with Nesmile?
Nah it's all for themselves

and as you line breed you find every chic runner in France is Carioca and Star's Pride ( Kai& Org) still works

see you later
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